How to Setup

**  FEEL 100% SAFE with our DWABI guarantee !!  **

 CAB has the “Free” – DWABI guarantee !  Don’t Worry About Breaking it  . If you kick it, drop it, smash it on the wall, burn it up, cut it with a hack-saw, fry it to a blob … whatever you could possibly do to make our product not work. Call us and we will help you fix it for free, replace parts for free, or at a very reasonable price. Also, this extends to all buyers. If you buy CAB, and you sell it to someone .. anyone .. and that person has a problem, the same DWABI guarantee applies to them too.  Not only is CAB all solid state electronics and should have a theoretical life-span of 15years-25years it’s a TOUGH system and chassis, We 100% back this product. Within 10 days of purchase we will provide full refund minus the fee our processor charges us each sale which is about 37$ should you request a refund after committing to a purchase. I’m building this out of my house 🙂 so until we move to a shop call me any time !!


or call us at 719-644-8054


1. Plug an HDMI TV into to the CAB hdmi connection port
2. Plug in the CAB power cable, and connect to your WIFI write down connection information.
3. Plug things into CAB that you want to control and your done, now log into the web-remote control.

Now start controlling your grow room, garden, or farm.

This video below is of Cabbage Computer’s sister product (Cannabis Auto Box) , but the setup is the same !