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  1. My CAB wont display the website.  Follow the setup steps on “How To Setup”.  The only reason you wouldn’t see the display page is CAB is either too far from your Wifi signal, or in a high radio-frequency blocking room. Such as a mylar lined grow-room.  Having CAB connected to a TV will help you visually confirm from the CAB operating system if you have good signal or not. CAB is also very compatible with “Extended Wireless Boosters” such as the Alfa wireless cards with 5Dbi antennae. They are about 20$ if you need extended Wifi, however, the built in Wifi in CAB is wireless N, and should reach a block away if you don’t have anything severely blocking the signal. 
  2. If you update the CAB how do I get the updated version on my system? To up-date CAB.  You could either send in the SD card that’s inside of CAB, and we will update it for free. You could purchase an updated SD card which we plan to price at 150$. If you know how to setup port forwarding in your router to allow us to remotely connect to CAB we could provide the information needed for us to connect to CAB and make the update. (We keep CAB locked down, where no one can connect to CAB unless YOU permit it. CAB is made with a highly secure and rock solid Linux kernel so know your privacy is maximum security to us; feel safe with CAB ! 
  3. I plugged my CAB in, and everything’s hooked up, but it’s not working! Try another wall out-let, and CAB uses the same plug to charge a cell phone with, use a different wall-charger to test power on CAB with. However the power supply provided with CAB is a high output 3Amp power supply. So confirm that it’s working by using the CAB power supply, on a a cell phone and see if it charges your cell phone. If it does there may be an issue with CAB. Do you see the power on indicator light ? If not call us 719-644-8054.
  4. How do I access my CAB website when I’m not on my home wifi in order to control the CAB system remotely? This is an advanced Topic, but it requires you logging into your home Wifi Router, and setting up port forwarding of port 80 to the IP address you use to connect to the CAB web controls page.  Most every video on youtube on how to setup port forwarding for game servers will directly apply to setting up a remote connection to CAB. We will make a basic tutorial video on this later, but look at what router model you own. Google how to setup port forwarding with your router, and for the port number use TCP/IP   and port 80.  Some routers ask for a range  just enter starting port 80, and ending port 80.  Now using a computer connected to your home Wifi go to  click on “What is my IP address”  it will show the IP address of your Wifi Router. This is the IP address you use to connect to CAB while away from home. You open your browser on your cell phone and enter in that IP address, and you will see the CAB remote controls page !  You can now control your grow room from anywhere !
  5. I think I burned out something on the CAB is it totally dead, do I have to buy a new one, or can I replace a bad part on the CAB? CAB is highly modular, and easy to build. We will be making a CAB  DIY kit  at around 399$ that you can easily build the entire unit yourself, and save some cash ! Our kit will also has the DWABI guarantee ! So if CAB absolutely is not power on just call us and we will help you for free as we honor our DWABI guarantee ! 
  6. I run a large operation and need a way to centralize multiple CAB’s to just one website how can I accomplish this? (This will be an enterprise setup). This is an advanced topic. It requires knowing some basic HTML.  To give a fast run-down. You would open up a notepad for example on a windows computer.  Type  <html>  then hit enter for  a new line, and now type   <title>CAB CENTRAL HQ</title>  hit enter for a new line. Now type <body>  and hit enter for a new line. Now type <iframe src=”192.168.X.X” height=”700″ width=”700″/>   but use the IP addresses of each CAB in place of the 192.168.X.X .   Now hit enter for a new line and  type in the same <iframe src=”192.168.X.X” height=”700″ width=”700″/> for the second CAB, hit enter for a new line, and repeat this for as many CAB units as you have.  When there is an iframe for every CAB each on a new line. Hit enter, and now type  </body></html> .  Then click on file,  save as,  and save the file as  CABCENTRAL.html     now open the CABCENTRAL.html file from the location you saved it. 
  7. How do I play music on CAB or Videos ?? CAB has built in features to allow you to automatically play MP3 files, or video files, and since it’s a computer with an operating system you can play video\music streams from online web pages and other sources.